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Welcome to Dakota Voter.

This site is designed to help you cast an informed vote on November 8th!

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Find your District –  (You can use this link if you don’t know your district)
  2. Research the Candidates –  (Every district is listed on the left side of our website)
  3. Vote Your Values –  (You can use this link if you don’t know where to vote)

You will find information on all 35 Legislative Districts as well as information on Marijuana. Research the issues, see where the candidates stand, and make your voice heard!

We have compiled the voting record of the current legislators using over 10 years of voting history and over 140 pieces of legislation. In addition, we reached out to every new candidate and asked for their positions on the issues. We’ve compiled everything into an easy-to-use, easy-to-share format so you can cast an informed vote!

You can find your legislative district here. 

You’ll find information on:

 The Sanctity of Life
(Are the candidates solidly pro-life?)
 Educational Options
(Do they support options for families?)
Marijuana Expansion
(Do they realize the harms of expansion?)
 Protecting Student Privacy &
(Will they protect locker rooms and restrooms?)
 Gambling Expansion.
(Do they realize the harms of expansion?)



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